Fighting nature: a quest for curl

I inherited a few things from my Japanese father… inadequate height, slanted myopic eyes, a yellow tinge, and my straight and sparse eyelashes. Sure it’s a great genetic mutation that shields my eyes from dust in the rice fields, but what about my new life as a young lady trying to assimilate???

What was I to do, how was I to proceed? Drop out of middle school and shut myself in my room until someone found a cure for the disease that plagued my lashes? No. I would not sacrifice my position as lead alto saxophone in the eighth grade band, or my spot on the lunch time field hockey team. Since then I have worked hard, not just for me, but for all girls and women who fantasize about their thin eyelashes one day curling and thickening with ease.

Forget false lashes or expensive eyelash extensions, or at the very least hold off until you try this system. You won’t regret it.