Our Training Program has extensive hands-on education. There is no need to bring a model to Training. You will partner with another student and learn to apply Wink Eyelash extensions to one another. It is critical that you have Wink Eyelash extensions applied to yourself in order to fully understand the procedure and properly consult with your clients. It is impossible to learn how to properly apply eyelash extensions through a DVD. Hands-on education with an experienced educator is a must.

Certified Wink Eyelash Extension Instructors Instructors must demonstrate the following:

  • Apply a perfect set of eyelash extensions
  • Years of experience as a lash specialist
  • A strong passion for eyelash extension education
  • Must be a very professional and polished individual
  • Extremely patient
  • Very sharing and generous spirit
  • Ability to adapt teaching methods to any personality and skill level

Standardized Curriculum

The Wink Eyelash training is nothing if not consistent. No matter what training you attend, you will learn the same skills and knowledge taught to all Wink Eyelash specialists. Consumers demand consistency and no other training provides a more high value, structured, professional and consistent eyelash extension training program that Wink Eyelash. In our training you will learn proper tool handling, client safety and appropriate hygiene.
You will also learn application techniques through hand-on exercises such as:

  • Properly pick up the lash
  • Use the right amount of adhesive for a secure bond without clumps.
    • Make the lashes last longer by using our exclusive “shimmy” technique.
    • How to isolate to make sure lashes do not stick together.
    • Fix crooked and kinky natural lashes.
    • Measure the natural lashes to select the right thickness, length and curvature.
  • How to remove lash extensions without damaging the natural lash.
  • Product knowledge on after care products.