About Us Wink Eyelash NYC

Spacious Luxury: Wink Eyelash’s flagship location in the heart of Manhattan’s Fashion District is a 2,000+ SF eyelash Mecca. Interior design by NYC’s own So Young Kim from Pratt Institute, this gallery style salon is spacious, spotless, vibrant and comfortable.


Quality and Skill: Wink’s strengths are its focus, specialization, employee skill sets, quality of service and materials price points and efficiency. The process of getting a new set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions usually takes at least 90 minutes and requires the client to lie still for the duration, eyes closed. Multi-tasking is not a reality. Wink feels that streamlining this process is in the best interest of the client, especially in NYC where the pace of life is faster than most places. Wink can do this without sacrificing quality because our extension specialists have vast experience, are well-trained and strive to differentiate Wink from competition. Both Su, the owner and founder, and Gia, the senior specialist, bring experience and certifications to Wink Eyelash NYC. They are both highly educated (Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees respectively in addition to Esthetician licenses); both have relevant work experience; and both epitomize the values outlined in Wink’s Mission Statement, namely Diligence, Respect, Focus, Quality, Comfort and Beauty.

Price and Value

Wink provides a luxury service at an extremely affordable price which yields tremendous value to the client. We want to provide a Hollywood experience to every single woman in NYC. You do not need to have a movie star’s income to have long, beautiful lashes. It is important that our image represents our core values of Efficiency, Diligence, Safety, Respect, Focus, Quality, Comfort and Beauty.

Location and Convenience

Wink’s flagship Midtown location is over 2000 sf and is situated in a boutique building with easy access. We are located between 7th ave and Broadway, on the south side of West 36th street closer to Broadway. The interior is spacious, spotlessly clean and fully functional with two private bathrooms, a makeup sink, a kitchenette and a spacious, comfortable waiting area. Finally, we have ten brand new, imported medical tables with custom linens, built-in heating and custom, collector’s item Wink Eyelash NYC pillows. We are midway between Times Square and Penn Station, bordering on Herald Square and are just a short distance away from Port Authority. We are conveniently located right next to the three major transportation hubs in Midtown Manhattan.